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Unequal head coach, Marcos. What adjustments did Alonso make? The players themselves have already decided that they must destroy Getafe with more violent attacks after the restart of the game, so that they know the consequences of provoking Atletico Madrid! So when the game resumed, Atletico Madrid’s offensive was not weakened by losing a goal, but more violent. Seeing this scene, originally prepared to make adjustments to encourage the morale of head coach Marcos. Alonso didn’t move either. He stood on the sidelines again, his hands around his chest, intending to continue to observe. It seemed that the players were not hit by the lost ball, and he was relieved. As long as the morale of the players remains at a normal level, the game will still be played, just one goal behind, simply from the point of view of the game, it is not a big deal.. Of course,side impact door beams, from Old Hill’s point of view, it would be the end of the world. That’s when Marcos.. Alonso forced himself not to think about it. 。 Atletico Madrid fans in the stands were also happy, cheering for the team. They thought they lost the ball. The morale of Atletico Madrid players will certainly be affected, while Getafe will take advantage of the situation. So it is estimated that the next game will not be comfortable for Atletico Madrid fans. Who would have thought that the quality of Atletico Madrid players has made many people’s eyes bright-with such an Atletico Madrid team, why worry that we can’t go back to Serie A! Even Hill,precision welded tubes, who had been scolding Getafe and Chang Sheng with a smelly face before, could not help but stop cursing when he saw this scene. With an expectant smile on his face, he turned his attention back to the court. ※※※ But ten minutes passed, and the smile on Hill’s face disappeared. It’s not just him. The relaxed and happy expressions on the faces of many Atletico Madrid fans are gone. Marcos.. Alonso stood on the sidelines again. He began to pace back and forth, and the television broadcast gave him a close-up. You can clearly see the anxious expression on his face. Ten minutes ago, they were full of confidence. Ten minutes later, their faces changed. The reason is simple, because they found that Atletico Madrid’s offensive tide still failed to penetrate Getafe’s goal. Instead, they pressed forward in a big way, and Getafe’s counterattack was even more vigorous. Had it not been for this bad luck, impact beam tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, Mista kicked the ball on the post, Getafe would now be two goals ahead of his opponents. If we get a two-goal lead so early, I’m afraid the suspense of the game will be removed by more than half. After Mista shot the football on the post, everyone was shocked into a cold sweat. Atletico Madrid’s players are also aware of this. If they continue to attack like this, their defensive line is likely to lose again. Getafe’s counterattack is so sharp! So they changed their mentality and adjusted their tactics. Although the heart is no longer reconciled, no longer willing. They had to give up their previous onslaught tactics at this time so as not to concede another goal before the end of the first half. Anyway, there are less than ten minutes left before the end of the first half. Why take that risk? Marcos.. Alonso has never been so disgusted as he is now. The tactic of “defensive counterattack”. The other side only led by one goal, but let the powerful Atletico Madrid throw rats and avoid weapons. Want to attack in a big way. Worried about a sneak attack. If we don’t attack, it’s impossible to equalize the score. The third big club in Spanish football, so that Getafe’s ball card can not move, Getafe is like a fish bone stuck in their throat, so that they are very uncomfortable. But how did this happen? It’s just an insignificant fish bone. ※※※ Chang Sheng is satisfied with Getafe’s defense and also with the counter-attack. The two skills he chose before the game [sharp counterattack] and [two wings flying together] seem to have played a role. Getafe did not have many chances to fight back. But in the end, the proportion of shooting and threatening the opponent’s goal is very high, which is the role of “sharp counter-attack”. And Getafe’s cross success rate in this game is also very high, which is the role of [two wings flying together]. He laughed when he saw Atletico Madrid shrink its defence and give up that kind of bombardment. In fact, Atletico Madrid’s onslaught and Getafe’s counterattack are a gamble on whether Atletico Madrid breaks Getafe’s goal first or Getafe opens Atletico’s goal first. This is not only a competition of technical and tactical level, but more importantly, the courage of both sides. Let’s see who has more courage to stick to it. Maybe you can see the dawn of victory in a few more minutes? But Atletico Madrid was afraid and they chose to give in. The pressure on the Getafe players suddenly lightened. Atletico Madrid’s offensive power at home is really extraordinary, they have been under heavy pressure before, but they did not show it, so no one knows. And they are away from home, unlike Atletico Madrid at home, a little bit of the situation has been magnified by the crazy fans at home, which seems surprising. Getafe is like a silent stone, stoic and low-key, but not relenting-that’s the impression they give. In fact, their hearts are not known. In terms of courage, Getafe beat Atletico Madrid. This is the reason why Chang Sheng insisted on keeping the outstanding players of [willpower], [courage] and [determination]. Getafe is a weak team and almost every game is a tough one. This kind of competition especially needs the above players with excellent concentration quality, who are good at fighting hard battles. No matter how high the technology is, the players whose psychological quality is not up to standard will only eventually collapse,aluminium coated tubes, which will bring a devastating blow to the team’s morale. ※※※ Atletico Madrid retreated, and Getafe did not catch up. Chang Sheng hasn’t let the one-goal lead go to his head. A one-goal lead for a ninety-minute game is nothing. The other side is playing at home, and it’s easy to score a goal. cbiesautomotive.com