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At the bottom of the body, there were immediately two pictures of the Eight Diagrams of Heaven, which suddenly opened to confront the twelve gods and evil spirits. In a flash, the ancient killing array, which had been silently generated, was suddenly a breath riot. Yue Yu also suddenly stepped forward, a step of more than a million miles. It is from the most chaotic place, step into the big array. So that the surrounding twelve sorcery gods, immediately is a panic. But has not had time to make a move to stop, is a congenital five-color divine light, brushes out from Yue Yu’s hand. So that this is a big array of gods, and a burst of chaos, in a flash, there are numerous flaws. But when Yue Yu took the second step, he was already outside the killing array. Frogs in the well watch the sky and overreach themselves! With a sneer, with endless sarcasm. Then a big sleeve brush, the whole person, into the void. But at the moment, Lin Mo was once again as pale as paper. In the pupil of the eye, all is the color of horror. From Yue Yu shot, to break out of the array, so far only half a breath! This makes countless Taishang Jinxian, the twelve gods and evil spirits who have failed, and the ancient killing array, which is known as the flood and famine, can’t stop this son, even if it’s half a breath! What kind of array attainments is this? Even with Hetuluoshu in hand,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, it would be too horrible! And the innate five-color divine light, is it really the nemesis of the world? Half-breath broken array, and if just now the Xuansheng emperor took the opportunity to make a move. Among the twelve sorcery gods, except for a few two or three, they have already condensed more than thirteen layers of eternal laws like themselves, which can really fight against the people of Chaoshang Taishang Jinxian. How many people can survive? “I can also make the gods of Jiuli fall, and the catastrophe of dusk.” The words are still ringing in my ears, but when I think about it, I feel even more frightened. In front of this son, I’m afraid there is really make nine Li gods,stainless steel toilet, the ability of the body! When the mind is shocked and it is difficult to control itself. Suddenly there was another flash of inspiration in my brain. Panhu, and Feng Bo Yu Shi– The surface that can be broken by blowing bullets is more bluish and white for a while. Lin Mo almost without hesitation, then followed the trace of Yue Yu, across the air. More than ten breath gathered here also looked at each other one after another. It also followed closely, penetrating beyond the barriers of time and space. But at this moment, Yue Yu is already standing firmly somewhere in the endless void. Carrying the Sanmiao Ruyi Extinction Sword in his hand, his delicate and pretty face seemed to be insipid, and the murder was hidden, occasionally showing a fierce color. Is this the Kingdom of Feng Bo? In the dragon pupil, flash golden awn, fixed gaze at the eyes, this small world. With the help of the advanced dzi beads, he began to calculate the composition of the Kingdom of God in front of him at an amazing speed. The 18th and 19th ranks of the sorcery God can compete with the monk’s Da Luo Jinxian. Then you only need to condense seven layers of eternal laws, and then you can stand shoulder to shoulder with Taichu Jinxian. By the time of the Thirteen Layers of Eternal Law, it was already the same fighting power as Taishang Jinxian. Up to now, this Feng Bo has only condensed twelve layers of eternal laws. The strength of the incarnation of God who stays in the kingdom of God is naturally weaker. And the world of the Kingdom of God, compared with Xing Tian, is ridiculously simple and narrow. However, in this small kingdom of God, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Flush valve price, this Feng Bo’s doppelganger can still be comparable to the ancient Fengshen Tianwu’s fighting power! Eternal law, up to fourteen! But Yue Yu at the moment, but also no intention to enter, only to deduce. With the previous experience, just for a moment, all the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, the original law of the world, have been gradually formed in Yue Yu’s mind. Then is a big sleeve brush, a huge purple gold seal, into more than ten million Zhangs. Bearing the weight of trillions, to the immediate Fengbo God Kingdom, strong pressure down! The next moment, I heard a’click ‘of the broken light sound. This small world hidden in the bear sky, immediately under this heavy pressure, produced numerous cracks! And followed closely, it is 365 mouth embryo hide empty without sword! Have Zhen Shizhong to suppress the embryo to hide the void, suddenly this small thousand worlds, together enveloped in. And the void is set against itself, and immediately the kingdom of God, the son of the wind, is shaken. Faintly, can hear a huge roar inside, countless majestic deadly wind, from this small thousand worlds through, the wind is like a blade. Yue Yu, however, was disdainful, and his figure was as firm as a mountain, as if he were a javelin. The fierce and sharp breath is more and more obvious. In the wind of death, the complexion did not change at all, nor did it dodge. Under the pressure of two spiritual treasures, the troubled Kingdom of God has reached the brink of collapse. Yue Yu was carrying the five-color giant sword in his hand, and once again, the sword was full of vigor! The Jiuzhuan Xuangong, the Great Innate Xuanbing Lihuo Zhenjue, the Innate Five-color Divine Light, the Antian Chuangshi Jue, and the four supreme supernatural powers are all integrated under the control of the Great Tyrant yuanlong’s method of destroying the world. And on the body of the sword, the dragon of ice and fire is also integrated. It turns into a purple and gold dragon with a slight blue and red color, and continues to coil. A roar of the dragon, shaking the void. The breath of destruction spreads to all directions. At this moment behind, also once again appeared that Lin Mo Niang’s breath. With a sense of panic and anxiety. Yue Yu, however, did not care at all. He cut the sword horizontally and rushed to more than ten million pieces. The seemingly unbreakable world of the Kingdom of God was shattered immediately. Revealing the inside, Feng Bo incarnated the panicked and somewhat stunned face. Yue Yu is too lazy to look at this person, one step to the front of this person. There is no sword hidden in the mouth of 365, and all of them are combined into one, turning into a black giant sword. As soon as the distant space is twisted, the person in front of him is twisted into countless pieces of flesh and blood. Then he grabbed the blue crystal and took it in his hand. Similarly, with a flick of his fingers, Feng Bo’s divine crystal was shattered, leaving only fifteen layers of virtual laws hidden beside him. Also at this moment, that Lin Mo as well as many sorcery gods, all rushed to one after another. But all is the breath one after another, the expression in the eyes, is more and more afraid of horror, all is a burst of panic. In front of this son, even if the twelve gods are evil, there is no resistance at all. Hidden in their own kingdom of God, also can not stop a moment and a half. Even Feng Bo,Self-closing Shower Valve, who is on the verge of becoming a Taishang Jinxian, is still like this. How many of the people present can rely on the Kingdom of God to resist this son? Lin Mo-niang was the first to arrive, and it was also with her own eyes that the five supreme magical powers melted into one supreme sword!.